Prof. KS Julia Hamari, mezzo-soprano:
Es war sehr schön hier zu sein und ich danke für all die Zeit und für die sehr netten jungen Sänger.

Cornelius Hauptmann, bass; President of Deutscher Tonkünstlerverband:
Eine Freude und Ehre an diesem wunderschönen Orte junge Sängerinnen und Sänger unterrichten zu dürfen.

Andreas Scholl, countertenor:
Herzlichen Dank für die Einladung, bei Euch einen Meisterkurs zu geben. Es war eine große Freude, bei Euch Gast zu sein.

Prof. Mary Ann Hart, mezzo-soprano; Indiana University:
You have created an atmosphere of generosity and creative energy that makes it fun for both the students and the faculty. I am in awe off the tremendous amount of planning, work, and thought that you have invested in this wonderful enterprise.

Prof. Julius Drake, pianist; Universität Graz:
It has been a great pleasure to be here at the very first Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy. I wish this superb venture every success.

Prof. Roger Vignoles, pianist; Royal College of Music, London:
It was a privilege to be here as part of your terrific project in its inaugural year! Long may it last and may the sun continue to shine, both literally and spiritually on your wonderful efforts.

Petra Lang, Sopran; Adrian Baianu, Coach:
Vielen Dank für den schönen Meisterkurs und weiterhin viel Erfolg für alle kommenden Projekte.

Jory Vinikour, coach; harpsichordist:
I am so honored to be part of this first session. I am infinity grateful for all of your support.

Matthieu Cognet, pianist:
Ce fut un honneur d’avoir fait partie de cette première édition! Je suis convaincu que c’est le début d’une grande aventure musicale est humaine.

Chanda VanderHart, pianist:
What an honor to be part of the inaugural season in Sankt Goar. You have both put together something very special and I look forward to seeing how it all develops and grows. My warmest congratulations, and also a big thank you to one of the nicest group of students I have ever had the pleasure to teach.

Andrew Crooks, coach; Deutsche Oper Berlin:
It has been a real privilege to be involved with this, both in initial discussions last summer, and now actually here in your fabulous new home. To work on Lieder with “Schlösser”, the Rhine, and the Loreley-Felsen as the immediate back drop has been personally enriching, and I’m quite sure the students feel similarly.


Frank und Heike Braun:
Wir haben diesen wunderschönen Abend, diese wundervolle Darbietung ausgewählter Lieder so sehr genossen. Einen lieben Dank an das Seelengeschenk.

Olivier Grascœur:
Not only the environment, but the perfectly balanced equipment in the villa will make this stay unforgettable for singers and pianists. From the beautiful music rooms to the sun bathed kitchen, the cosy rooms overlooking the ballet of ships on the calm river. Everything here whispers, inspires and motivates artists to become the greatest self.

Elisabeth Hein:
Es war ein Konzertgenuss der Extraklasse, wie wir ihn selten, auch an großen Häusern der europäischen “Premiumklasse”, erleben durften. Und diese Möglichkeit haben wir jetzt in St. Goar!

Ulla Cohnen:
Ich habe den Gesang und die Atmosphäre sehr genossen!

Dr. Klaus und Elke Bußmann:
Wir freuen uns sehr mit Herrn Hönisch und Herrn Dr. Pons über das große Interesse und die rundum positive Resonanz. Es ist sehr schön, dass diese Sonntags-Konzerte bereits zu einer festen Größe in der Region geworden sind.

Sylvia Luetjohann:
Wir haben gestern gemeinsam einen wunderbaren 1. Advent-Sonntagabend erlebt: Das war eine echte STERNSTUNDE – für die Musikakademie, St. Goar und die altehrwürdige Stiftskirche!


Brittany Nicole Jones, soprano:
SGIMFA was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Not only did I receive incredible help and lessons from world-renowned coaches, vocalists, and teachers, I was a part of an incredible roster of fellow emerging professionals. Making life long connections with such great people was truly the highlight of my time there. Going to dinner on the Rhine with such people as Dr. Emilio Pons and Falko Hönisch, to sharing music jokes with Helmut Deutsch, this program offers experiences and opportunities like no other. I can’t wait to go back!

Jeffery Ou, pianist:
The Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy offered me the invaluable experience of working with some of the world’s renowned collaborative artists, representing the very best in their field. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity of expanding my artistic knowledge and potential in this one-of-a-kind endeavor, while being hosted in one of Germany’s most beautiful small towns. The connections I have made in my brief (albeit intensely productive) two weeks at SGIMFA will inevitably aid in my continuing growth and progress as a collaborative pianist. For the intensive training and invaluable exposure to the world-class faculty roster, the Academy is virtually priceless in comparison to most European summer programs. Be prepared to work hard, have fun, and most importantly, discover yourself as a worthy, competent ambassador to music in this unique, boutique experience.

Rainelle Krause, soprano:
As a singer very much living in the awkward space between school and career, I had specific needs when looking for a summer program. I needed something that not only would be financially feasible, but also provide a high level of both technical training and current, applicable feedback about my potential place in the field and what might be holding me back. I have to say, the program at Sankt Goar delivered in spades. Housed on a beautiful property in the Rhine Valley, I spent two weeks in the opera training program. There, I learned a great deal about current European aesthetics for auditions and productions, what my particular voice might be marketable for, and viable strategies for taking my first steps into the field as a peer, not a student. I was able to study under a number of respected artists, and take master classes with current casting directors. Honestly, the most difficult part was trying to coalesce all of the valuable information I received in such a short period of time! Sankt Goar is one of the rare summer programs that I truly believe has a vision for investing in the future of opera, and because of that, has the best interest of its singers at heart.

Thomas Lloyd, tenor:
Thank you! I am prodigiously appreciative for the knowledge you have shared in for opening your home up to me and my colleagues. Until next time.

Armando Elizondo, pianist:
Algunas de las cosas por las cuales mi vida tiene sentido son el piano, el canto, la música… compartir todo eso en Alemania fué una de las experiencias más ricas en cuanto aprendizaje en este año. Además, no sólo exploré mis capacidades musicales como alumno, sino también, como ser humano, ya que el conocer gente nueva, con gran talento, maestros increíbles y con un afecto caluroso, ¡hacen que crezca aún más! ‘Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy’ fué una gran oportunidad para aprender, hacer música y conocer gente con experiencia y gran sabiduría.

Daniela Magura, mezzosoprano:
I cannot thank you both enough for helping me grow in more ways than I could have ever imagined these past three weeks. You have been incredible teachers and friends and I have cherished every moment at this academy. Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime. I will miss you dearly and hope to see you both again in the near future. You have truly made me feel at home here. Thank you so much.

Milan Babic, baritone:
My time at Sankt Goar helped further my studies beyond anything I’ve experienced before. I was pushed to my greater limits and beyond to achieve what I never dreamed possible. For me, this program proved to increase my knowledge of my voice both mechanically and mentally and all while maintaining healthy rehearsal habits! Another great thing this program provided was the chance to not only be taught by professional opera singers themselves, but to be immersed in the culture and surrounded by true talent that I hoped would rub off on me. My greatest joy was being able to prepare for my freshman year of college, as this program was the best stepping stone into my future studies.

Elise Hurwitz, soprano:
I feel like I have made great strides already and I am looking forward to learning more! Being in Sankt Goar this summer helped prepare me to study at a new level of professionalism, and I was unable to really thank you while I was there. As a result of my two weeks in Germany, I am became more self-aware of my voice and the direction it is headed. Although I am a young singer, it was a great opportunity to be around musicians who have already had a great amount of success in their careers. I am so fortunate to have been able to study in Germany with all of these wonderful singers!

Megan Wilhelm, soprano:
I will never forget the many lessons: vocal, technical musical as well as wonderful life lessons, that I have learned while staying in your beautiful home. You have started a program this summer that I am sure will grow to even greater heights in years to come. I am very appreciated of every moment that I have spent here. You both have fantastic advice and skills that you have chosen to share through this program. I appreciate your generosity to your artform. You have chosen to dedicate so much time to help educate young singers, and it is people like you who will help to keep the art from alive in the States as well as here in Europe. I could not have asked for a more welcoming, comfortable environment and will miss everything about this house and its beautiful surroundings. Thank you for everything.

Zachery Rubens, tenor:
Somehow, after being here for six weeks as a student, something I was so eager to begin has gone by faster than I have imagined. It has really been an adventure. The wonderful hospitality of Emilio and Falko, the genuine friends and musicians I have met along the way and the plethora of information I have received, musically and technically have made me all the more passionate about this art and have helped me develop as a person. It was an unforgettable experience and I cannot thank you both enough, Emilio and Falko.

Anne Rumzis, soprano:
I am immensely grateful for all of graciously and selflessly provided. Truly, you did not have to, for example, open your beautiful home, grant us with traveling privileges and basically go out of your way to ensure we have an amazing experience! Yet, you did, and for that I am indebted to you! I have never been to such an incredible program. I can say, in confidence, that I have improved a tremendous amount over the past three weeks. Thank you for having patience and for believing in me. I’m so blessed to have had the opportunity to work and learn from you and the other wonderful faculty. Your talent is truly inspiring. Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy changed my life and helped me on my journey to own my craft. I would definitely return to this lovely program, this beautiful town, and of course, you beautiful people.

Connor Lidell, baritone:
Thank you both for an amazing two weeks. I have learned so much! I wish the best for you both and the academy!

Arelle Oberlander, soprano:
With sincere gratitude I wish to thank you for hosting me the past few weeks. My experience here has exceeded my expectations. I have so much to process and reflect as in regards to technique, style, and interpretation. It has been profoundly rewarding to work intensively with such knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced professionals. Thank you for opening your home to us, and for endorsing to provide an enriching educational experience.

Francesca Shipsey, soprano:
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. It has taught me a lot about life and singing.

Gabrielle Lochard, soprano:
It has truly been one of the most productive learning experiences I have had in music and I am learning infinity grateful for the myriad lessons and points of view in technique and interpretation. You have created a truly unique environment, and I feel quite privileged to have been able to take part in this program.

Kayoko Yamaoko, pianist:
Thank you for everything. I have decided to move from Japan to Europe, as you know. Here is my first destination. All of my life changed a lot. Now I can say: Ich bin überglücklich!

Angela Ceban, soprano:
This course attracted me because it is not only a master classl, but a combinations of several master classes and auditions for casting directors. It was a great opportunity for me to work with all these professional teachers and singers, to have an honest feedback, to experience the level of others, and to be well prepare for an audition; it was intense.