Partners and Sponsors

The Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy wishes to thank and acknowledge the following individuals and organizations that have made or pledged financial contributions or otherwise provided valuable assistance to support our mission. They are:

In Germany:

Siegbert und Freya Hönisch, Cuxhaven
Elisabeth Auerbach, Badenhard
Anton Heinrich and Margot Hütte, Oberwesel
Elisabeth Herold, Boppard
Gabriele and Peter Boldt, Boppard
Milly and Klaus Rathmer, Oberwesel
Doris and Manfred Koschig, Oberwesel
LAG Mittelrhein
Mexikanisches Generalkonsulat Frankfurt
KSK Rhein-Hunsrück
Volksbank Rhein-Nahe-Hunsrück eG
Weingut Lanius-Knab, Oberwesel
Weingut Phillipps-Mühle, Sankt Goar
Weingut Augustat, Oberdiebach
Stockmanns Baumarkt, Oberwesel
Hahn-Automotive, Rheinböllen

In the rest of Europe:

Antonio Grimaldi, Zürich

In the United States of America:

Mrs. D. F. Bickford

In the rest of the World:

Mr. and Mrs. Horacio de Uriarte, Esq.

Francisco Hanhausen,
Arquitectura y diseño (Mexico)

Paola Roblesgil Renovales
Professional photography in Mexico and in Paris