FAQ (Summer programs)

Most of the questions you may have about our program, have already been asked by previous participants. Therefore, before contacting our staff, do kindly refer to this FAQ database.

How many participants will be accepted?

The number of active participants who can also be hosted at the villa is limited to eleven. Above that number, participants can be accepted, but they are responsible for arranging their own accommodation in Sankt Goar.

Can pianists apply?

Yes. And they are encouraged to do so. Pianists may participate with singers with whom they regularly collaborate, but both candidates must apply separately and both need to first be accepted to the program.

Is SGIMFA a pay-to-sing program?

No. We do not focus on the public performance aspect of the program, but rather, while still providing performance opportunities, we focus our efforts on the learning experience of a summer program. Students are encouraged to learn new repertoire which is suitable for their individual, present skills and afinities (something which can hardly be accomplished if performing a fully staged opera or even operatic scenes), and work on it in detail, rather than being drilled on a set number of pieces designed with the exclusive goal of performing for a local audience. The Sankt Goar Summer Academy is a program designed to complement the standard, required curriculum of most universities and conservatories.

Are master classes and individual lessons open to the public?

Master classes, except master classes with casting directors, are open to the public.

Individual lessons are open to all participating members of the academy.

Subject to the respective student’s consent, individual lessons may be observed by members of the local community.

Will I get to perform with orchestra?


What type of instruments should I expect?

Our recital venue, located in the ground floor of the villa, features a 2009 Yamaha grand piano. The villa’s second floor living room features a Kawai baby grand. All other rooms feature upright pianos (three total). All pianos are in excellent condition.

Will instruction be in German or in English?

All instruction takes place in English, but many of our instructors are fluent in multiple foreign languages.

Are students lodged in a dorm or in a hotel?

Neither. Students are hosted on a double-room basis in a beautiful, fully remodelled, 1892 villa on the bank of the Rhine river.

Student rooms are located within the SGIMFA villa. The villa is not a dorm and it is not a hotel either. You will be expected to treat our facilities like you would any other private residence.

You will have only one roommate of your own gender. Restroom/showers are also gender specific. At the Sankt Goar International Music Festival and Academy we strive to avoid any unpleasant surprises and to make your stay an enjoyable and enriching one.

What type of meals should I expect?

If you choose to stay at the villa, included with your room and board fees is breakfast.

A catered lunch plan can be purchased at an additional cost.

For dinner, students are free to either dine out in town or cook their own dinner in the villa’s 3rd floor kitchen, which is reserved for use by students only.

Is there Wifi at the SGIMFA villa?

Yes, there is.